Fall time: Your quick guide to some of the best fall activities

by Michelle Owens 09/11/2022

orange fall leave on a path

Fall is a beautiful time of year. It’s filled with picturesque scenery and delicious flavors, like warm apple cider. As the leaves change and offer a taste of seasonal bliss, you may wonder what types of merriment and fall activities you can bring home.

Here are a few of fall’s activities to help you get in the pumpkin pie spirit. 

Throw a glow party 

Light up the night by hosting a glow party. First, install black lights. Then add glowing decorations, such as glow tape, UV balloons and glow stickers. 

Just be sure to be gracious to your guests and neighbors alike. Let your fellow community members know you’ll be throwing a glow party, and make sure you find a time and date that suits everyone.

Closet organizing 

It’s time to organize your closet. Light summer clothing can be stored, while heavier clothing such as sweaters, scarves and jackets can be brought to the front.

It’s also a good way to check what may need to be rehomed or whether there are any new cracks, warping or other small damage marks in the closet. If you see any, it may be a good time to start your maintenance and repair lists for the chillier months ahead.

Coordinate a blanket drive

Now that you’ve gone through the closets, made a large donation pile and prepared your list of charities, consider adding a simple way to give back to your immediate community. Fall activities spent serving your neighborhood are a great way to open the season, after all. 

Assist local shelters by organizing a blanket drive. You and a few friends can host the drive at a community location to give everyone the chance to participate. Make sure the blankets collected are either new or gently used. 

Whether you intend to visit the pumpkin patch, go apple picking or attend your local fall festival, the season offers a plethora of activities and experiences for just about everyone. Get the fun fall activities rolling this autumn with these simple starter tips.

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